Wholesale Japanese & European fabrics

We are official distributors for Kokka Co. Ltd. of Japan, with wholesale clients throughout Spain and elsewhere in Europe.

We supply Kokka fabrics wholesale to fabric & craft shops, independent fashion designers and As well as Kokka's original designs we also distribute the independent design studios porduced by Kokka, namely, Nani Iro, Echino, Ellen Baker.     

We also distribute other leading Japanese fabric brands, such as Sevenberry, as well as the British brand, Dashwood Studio.

You will find us at some of Europe's leading professional trade-shows, including, together with Kokka, at Premiere Vision Paris. If you are a fabric shop owner, fashion designer or a fashion brand who appreciates quality fabrics then please contact us. You are welcome to visit our Barcelona showroom.

How to order

We have two main ways in which we offer our fabrics for professional use:

1. If you are a fabric shop owner, fashion designer, apparel producer, interior designer, and in a position to order minimum 10m per design then we will offer wholesale prices. You would be welcome to visit our Barcelona office and/or order through our B2B site, www.nunoyapro.com 

2. If you use fabrics for you business but require smaller quantities then we may offer you a percentage discount from our public prices. You can make your discounted purchase in our Barcelona shop or on this public website.  

Contact us for details.